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How To Budget For A Website

The big burning question for anyone looking to expand, grow or start their online presence… How much does a website cost? We realize that most people have no idea how much a website should cost, how long it should take, or where to even start!

If you are like most other people, even those who have gone through the process before you likely have the same common questions.  How is a professional website priced? What is web hosting, search engine optimization, responsive web design, mobile friendly design, content management system and why should you care? Could you do part or the whole thing yourself? Should you do it yourself? How long will it take? Once you do decide to get professional help, how do you pick a website designer?  Are there ongoing costs after it is launched live? Who does the updating and monitoring?

These questions have been asked by clients and prospects almost DAILY for 20 years.

We’d like to help make the process transparent.  What exactly are the cost drivers in a website budget, and how is a website price estimated?

We are in the midst of building a very thorough guide for you that will answer all of these questions and more.  Stay tuned!

In the mean time, please check out our website packages for transparent web design prices, ready to go packages and guaranteed delivery dates.  We offer 4 packages ranging from $1,400 to $14,500 and all packages are completed in days.  Guaranteed.

Somnia is a full service website design agency based in Edmonton, Canada, but serving clients worldwide.  We believe that websites should take days to deliver not months.  Over 20 years of experience has developed efficient systems that help us work together to build the website you want in the time line and budget you want.

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