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Pro Advanced – $4,900

Do you need a larger website, including possible complex integrations with social media, payment systems, email newsletters and more? Do you have unique needs that require some custom programming? Looking for assistance writing content for the web and search engines? Still want to get online quick? Frustrated with slow, disorganized web designers?  Want a beautiful website that matches the quality and professionalism of your largest competitors?  This is for you.

All technical details handled on your behalf.  Maintain full control and ownership of your website.  Be awesome.

 Who this package is for:

  • Anyone who wants an awesome, visually impressive website that works perfectly on any device – desktop, laptop, tablet, phone etc.
  • Someone who doesn’t have time to fuss and spend days, weeks or months with a web designer wasting their time.
  • Someone whose content to launch is (or will be) written but you’d like some help making it web and search engine friendly.
  • Small business, medium business or any business requiring a small to medium sized website (5-20 pages) that looks better than your big budget competitors.
  • Bloggers, entrepreneurs, contractors, professionals or artists who may have tried setting up their own website with mixed results.
  • You require basic integrations with external systems, such as an existing email newsletter, social media pages, booking systems etc.
  • Someone who doesn’t want to fuss with any technical setup, but who wants to maintain control of their own website moving forward – no developer required after launch day.

Who is this NOT for:

  • A new brand without any visual assets to work with (no logo, imagery or visuals yet)
  • An ‘app’ type website that is mostly functional in nature.
  • A complex website requiring unique custom integration points with other systems  such as an email newsletter, social media, Google calendars.
  • E-commerce websites.
  • Registration systems, online portals, forums or very interactive websites.
  • Membership, or user based systems (anything with a login).
  • “The Next Facebook”.

Not a fit? Check out other packages.

 What You Get:

  • A simple, beautifully awesome website (approx 5-20 pages).
  • Advanced blog setup, integrated social media embeds, multiple contact/user input forms
  • Payment links to Paypal or other systems to collect simple donations, registrations or other funds
  • The same quality, look and professionalism of large budget projects.
  • Search engine optimized with powerful tools to maintain and build moving forward.
  • Domain name registration, web hosting and email hosting setup on your behalf – includes 1 year of hosting & domain ($300 value).
  • Leave with a plan for how to update and manage your website moving forward without any further assistance.
  • 30 minute online training session.
  • 100% control and ownership of the website moving forward.  Move to another host, company or server at any time.
  • Virtual high fives & launch time celebration included.

How It Works:

  • Select your project type from our Get Started page
  • You’ll receive some simple to follow guided homework to explain and prepare your brand, content and message.
  • Send in your homework ahead of the big day. A shared folder will be setup where you can easily transfer logos, photos and other assets for your brand.
  • The first day will kick off with a video conference or phone call (your preference). You or a member of you team must be available throughout that day and the next for review, feedback and screen sharing sessions.
  • You’ll get a customized support guide and plan to manage your new website moving forward.
  • Done, and DONE.

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